Sunday, January 1, 2006

January 2006

January 4, 2006 Happy New Year! Welcome to 2006! I hope it is a very happy and healthy year for you and yours!

Jacob has started this new year feeling great! Yesterday was his first day back to school since being in the hospital and he had a great day! He was in a good mood and was very talkative! 

Our Fighter continues to crawl (hands/knees and hands/feet) all over the house and walks fast and far holding our hands. He pulls to stand on everything, furniture, boxes, even the rocking chair! We are so proud of him and look forward to when he's walking on his own. That's when we will really need to show him around!

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January 9, 2006 The Fighter's mom has been published! That's right, my article about ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) has been published in the current issue of Preemie Magazine! I am honored for the opportunity. I am grateful to be able to spread the word and educate other preemie parents and professionals about the devastating disease that took Jacob's vision. Check out the article in the current issue, or visit in the coming weeks for the online version. 

January 18, 2006 After another illness and time away from school, Jacob is back to his old happy self. Brett and I were so discouraged with his frequent illness that we thought about pulling him out of school until the spring. In the end we decided against that and will just take things one day at a time. We would rather he be sick and miss days here and there rather than keeping him home all together. Attending Rainbows and receiving the love, care, and therapy that he does, has been too beneficial to him to pull him away from it. 

Jacob continues to amaze us at home (and at school). Just last week he took three steps unassisted. My heart dropped and I teared up as he stepped forward in the kitchen. He continues to try each day, although those three steps are the farthest he's gone so far. It won't be long before he's walking all over the place! And that's when we will be Jacob-proofing things around the house! :)

In Mommy News....After several months of hunting, I have a new job! Believe it or not, I will be working in the NICU were Jacob spent the first four months of his life. I applied for the position some time ago and forgot about it when I didn't get a response. Well, the nurse manager called, asked if I was still interested and the rest is history! I am very excited! I will be working as a cleaning/stocking tech and will also help the managers with parenting feedback/support. I will have orientation on Jan. 30th and begin working in the NICU after that! I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity! 

January 24, 2006 I have received many emails from people who have visited JTF! Some have even signed the Guest Book! It's so exciting to know that sharing Jacob's story has touched so many people. I love sharing his story, especially with other preemie parents. 

Jacob's been in a great mood lately and is pulling to stand at just about everything now. The couch, the table, even the walls! It's so neat to watch! He is starting to glide along things too! He continues to trying to take steps on his own. I know it won't be long before he's walking.

In Mommy news......After much thought, I have decided to take a semester off from school. It's been a very busy few months and I think the time off will help a lot. I plan to return to school for the summer session.