Thursday, December 1, 2005

December 2005

December 7, 2005 Is Christmas yet? I love this time of year. We have our Christmas tree up and looking good, and we plan to let Jacob open his own gifts Christmas morning. He loves tearing paper!!

On a not-so-good note, Jacob had some seizure activity early yesterday morning. Brett had him ready to leave for school when he started shaking, arching his back, and not responding to anything we did. Brett went outside when the bus arrived to tell the driver he wasn't going, while I got his medication ready (a rectal med that stops seizures). We gave him the meds and he was fine within minutes. The seizure itself lasted nearly 15 minutes. I called Jacob's neurologist's office and they want him in for blood work ASAP. They want to be sure his medication level is ok. It's been seven months since his last seizure, so we want to cover all the bases. We aren't sure if its related or not, but Monday morning at 4am, Jacob woke up vomiting and later ran a slight fever. He felt fine the rest of the day so we don't know if it is related to the seizure, or was something he ate. Hopefully the blood work will answer that. 

December 14, 2005 Oh what a week! Jacob was sick all weekend and was coughing so bad Sunday night that Brett and I took him to the minor emergency center. The doctor thought Jacob would benefit from oxygen and also thought he may have whopping cough, so he sent us to the hospital. After two nights, no meds, no IV, and little oxygen, we came home clueless. Tests for whooping cough were negative. Weird. Other than being a bit irritable and coughing ever now and then, he's feeling fine! Now its mommy's turn to be sick! I went to the doctor today and was prescribed three medications for a sinus infection! Gotta love horse pills!

Because he's been sick so much in the last few months, Brett and I have decided to keep Jacob home from school until after the holidays. Then in February, Jacob will start going to full day classes! Very long as he stays healthy!

In other news... Jacob, Brett and myself have been invited to the annual holiday banquet for Rainbows United board members. Because Jacob is their campaign kid right now, we've been asked to attend the gathering and share a few words with those in attendance. We are honored and very happy to attend, that is, as long as we are all feeling well. The banquet is schedule for tomorrow evening (12/15). Here's hoping those meds work fast! A great friend of mine will be coming with us to take photos. I will have those up as soon as I can. 

December 17, 2005 Jacob wasn't ready to be back home after all.... we had to take him back to the hospital on Thursday for rapid breathing. After many tests and one night's stay, it was determined that he had a mucus plug from the previous illness. His pediatrician also saw a little redness in his ears, so she put Jacob on an antibiotic. As another precaution, she put him on breathing treatments with a steroid to keep his lungs nice and clear. Other than sleeping a lot (which he deserves), he is doing really well. We hope these treatments and a lot of rest will get him back to his happy, healthy self. 

Unfortunately, because of my head cold and Jacob's return to the hospital, we were not able to attend the holiday gathering for Rainbows United. We are honored to have been invited and hope we have another opportunity to meet and greet the board of directors in the future.

December 23, 2005 Merry Christmas to ya! It will definitely be a merry one for us now that our Fighter is feeling better! Those antibiotics and breathing treatments got Jacob back to his old playful, happy and energetic self! Now if I could just get him back on a normal sleep schedule... 

For the holiday weekend we plan to stay home and not travel after the tough couple weeks we had. So, Christmas Eve we are welcoming Brett's parents, Bill and Reatha for an evening together (and maybe a nice dinner cooked by Brett since I don't cook...uh oh, the secret is out!). We will let Jacob open his gifts from them as well. On Christmas Day we will go to my parents house for a nice ham dinner and an exchange of gifts. I will be a wonderful time!

On behalf of Brett, Jacob, and our dog Skipper, I would like to wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday weekend! God Bless!

December 28, 2005 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great holiday weekend and Jacob enjoyed opening his gifts! He received lots of new toys and clothes from family and friends! And the greatest part of the weekend... Jacob was healthy and in good spirits!! I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas! 

Brett and I are working on J's sleeping habits to prepare him to return to school on January 3rd. Right now he is staying up way too late and sleeping in and napping too late. We blame the hospital stay. His schedule gets better with each day, so by next week he should be set!