Wednesday, October 29, 2003

October 29, 2003

It's been a great couple of days for our fighter! Yesterday he came off the ventilator and on to what they call CPAP. It looks like oxygen thingy that goes in your nose. A CPAP puts constant pressure along with oxygen to prevent Jacob from stopping breathing (apnea). So far, he has done amazingly well. He stays between 25-30% oxygen. Jacob's platelets are up to 100,000! Yay! He still needs to get up to 150 to 200,000 though. He also had another eye exam yesterday and the Dr didn't detect any signs of ROP (retinopathy of Prematurity), which is common among preemie's. He will have another eye exam in a few weeks. His length is now over 14'' and his weight went back down to 2lbs 11oz due to coming off the ventilator. He is proving to us what a fighter he is, that is for sure!!

Monday, October 27, 2003

October 27, 2003

Looks like it will be another day on the ventilator for Jacob. Dr. Roan thought he would be ready to come off today if his morning blood gas was good. Well, not terrible, but not at the level Dr. Roan would like it. We will see how it looks tomorrow morning. His platelets are coming back up! Today they are at 69,000. Dr. Roan thinks they will continue to climb now since they have targeted the infection. Jacob gained 15 grams last night, which puts him just under 2lbs 12oz. He's getting fat!!

Sunday, October 26, 2003

October 26, 2003

It's been a good weekend for our little fighter. Saturday morning his ventilator settings went down to the lowest level. This morning his blood gas (oxygen in the blood) wasn't perfect; they aren't sure if he's ready to be extubated just yet. Don't worry though; there will be a big announcement about that when it happens!! Jacob has gained another ounce bringing his weight to 2lbs 11oz, which is good since he's only been on IV fluids all week. He should be back on regular feedings within the next couple of days though and that will help him gain. The IV he had in his scalp was removed early Saturday because the line clotted, so he no longer has anything in his poor head. He can wear a hat now when someone is holding him! Our little guy is the strongest person I've ever known! I know he will grow up and accomplish amazing things!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

October 23, 2003

Today has been a great one for Jacob. As his Doctor puts it, "The best day he's had since birth." Jacob was squiring so much this morning that his nurse had to re-tape his breathing tube! He got those tiny but strong fingers under the tape! When he was on his tummy, he kept lifting his head so they moved him onto his side. It's definitely apparent that he's feeling better! Dr. Roan (Jacob's Dr) said he might be well enough to come off the ventilator soon. Maybe in a matter of days! He is also sucking his thumb and on a pacifier! It's so nice to see him feeling good. That gives me great hope for the future!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

October 21, 2003

After a rough weekend, Jacob is doing better. This morning he had a minor surgery to insert an IV line directly into an artery in his neck. The procedure was a last resort to his Doctor because his veins just aren't holding IV's anymore. It is required that he have one central line in which to receive medications and fluids. Jacob's platelet level is still low, but later this evening a blood culture taken on 10/18 showed a fungal growth, which is probably linked to the platelets. Further cultures will be done and meds will be continued until the infection is resolved. In the meantime, Jacob will be kept off feedings for the rest of the week just incase the fungus is originating in his tummy. His ventilator settings have slowly come down in the past two days. Tonight he was sitting at 25% oxygen (Room air is 21%) and was breathing some on his own. While Brett and I were visiting tonight, Jacob had a bradycardia spell and de-saturated. In English, it means his heart rate and blood oxygen levels dropped. This happened because he had fluid in his breathing tube and had to be suctioned. He didn't like that very much and that's when things happened. After suctioning again, his heart rate returned to normal. It was scary! Jacob's weight for Monday and today is 2lbs 9oz!

Sunday, October 19, 2003

October 19, 2003

This weekend was a tough one for Baby Jacob. Saturday Jacob was just not himself. Nurses had to disturb him to start new IV's because the two he had came out. His ventilator settings increased three times during the day; that was a cause for concern to the Doctors. His platelets continue to be low, which is also a concern. When things of this nature occur, the number one suspicion is infection. So late Saturday night Jacob had two blood cultures drawn, a chest/abdominal x-ray and a transfusion, the second time for the day. The poor little guy has bald spots on his head now because the nurse had to shave to search for a vein. I kept some of the hair for his book. This morning Jacob is doing better. The x-ray didn't show anything concerning and he is doing well enough for a reduction in the vent setting. His weight is up to 2lbs 7oz! Our little guy is now a big guy! He has officially doubled his weight! That's great news!