Sunday, October 19, 2003

October 19, 2003

This weekend was a tough one for Baby Jacob. Saturday Jacob was just not himself. Nurses had to disturb him to start new IV's because the two he had came out. His ventilator settings increased three times during the day; that was a cause for concern to the Doctors. His platelets continue to be low, which is also a concern. When things of this nature occur, the number one suspicion is infection. So late Saturday night Jacob had two blood cultures drawn, a chest/abdominal x-ray and a transfusion, the second time for the day. The poor little guy has bald spots on his head now because the nurse had to shave to search for a vein. I kept some of the hair for his book. This morning Jacob is doing better. The x-ray didn't show anything concerning and he is doing well enough for a reduction in the vent setting. His weight is up to 2lbs 7oz! Our little guy is now a big guy! He has officially doubled his weight! That's great news!

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