Wednesday, January 28, 2004

January 28, 2004

Unfortunately, Tuesday's eye exam didn't go well for the Fighter. Not only is his left eye worsening, but the right, which has been stable for the past month, is worse also. Dr. Varenhorst will continue to check him weekly for the time being and later consider a more invasive surgery involving surgically reattaching the retina. Another surgery would mean long anesthesia time, re-intubation and, due to the vascularity of his eyes, the possibility of hemorrhaging. I will continue to update you on his condition and in the meantime ask for your prayers that Jacob will come through this with enough vision to function. 

Mommy News: Today I officially resigned as proofreader for Feist Publications, Inc. Though I greatly enjoyed my job and those that I worked with, I decided to pursue an opportunity that would allow me to work from home. I work for as the Senior Editor. After training is completed, I will be working 75% of the time from home. I feel very blessed.

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