Thursday, September 2, 2004

September 2, 2004

Big News!!! Jacob went to see Dr. V., (his retinal specialist) today. His right retina is completely attached!! We are so happy! What a great first birthday present!! Dr. V said J should definitely have some vision in that eye but since the lens was removed during surgery in April, his ability to focus is not great. We will be pursuing the option of contact lenses to help with that. J's Pediatric Ophthalmologist takes care of that, so we will talk with him at J's appointment next week. 

Also, J will be having surgery on his left eye as a last attempt to help the retina reattach. He has done wonderfully with past surgeries and we agreed this could do nothing but good for the left eye, so why not try. The surgery has not been scheduled yet, but will most likely happen in the next week or two. The sooner the better, Dr. V says. Isn't God great?

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