Monday, October 18, 2004

October 18, 2004

Boy, oh boy, Jacob's first tooth is really coming in! It's through the gum and feeling sharp, but it's not in all the way up quite yet. He is doing wonderfully with his contact lenses. Brett and I are happy it only has to be taken out and reinserted once a week, because J doesn't like it at all!! Although we hate making him mad, the contact has done so much for him already. We see him reacting more and noticing things in front of him. I think it is helping raise his head more as well. 

Things are rolling along with the home-hunt. We have found a great place in fact and submitted an offer. The offer was accepted and we should close on November 19th!! We are very excited. We knew finding a nice house in our price range wouldn't be easy, but just as we grew discouraged, there it was! It's a very cute place in a great neighborhood! Tomorrow we will be at the house for the inspection and will take some photos. I plan to share them with you soon!

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