Wednesday, November 1, 2006

November 2006

November 7, 2006 Just over two weeks until Thanksgiving...hard to believe, but boy do we have lots to be thankful for!

Jacob has been doing really well in his new preschool classroom. He is with the "big kids" who are the same age, but slightly bigger in size. Another great thing about being in this class is that Jacob is back with his old Pals, a boy and a girl (sorry, can't mention names) who are both visually impaired. I think it's great for him to be around kids his own age who have the same disability. He did have visually impaired friends in his old room, but they were not as close in age. I'm excited to see how he progresses in his new environment.

Jacob's progress with walking is at a stand-still (ha-ha, get it? Stand-still?). He can do it, that's for sure, but he chooses not to. There was a time a few months ago when he'd take 5 or even 10 steps on his own. Now he only walks if you hold one or both of his hands. I guess it's a natural thing. He needs to be interested and motivated. Perhaps he's concentrating on other things like........humming! He does it all the time. Just the other night Aunt Pam (my sister) was playing with him and hummed the first verse of Twinkle Twinkle. When she stopped, he picked it up right where she left off. I was so excited and proud that I was tearing up. We know Jacob is smart. He understands many things like words, voices, songs, etc, he just isn't spitting them back out yet. I think I may pass out the day he says his first word.

We are still waiting to hear from Jacob's Case Manager at Rainbows to see if he was approved for school funding. If approved, Jacob would receive educational toys, Braille books, special dinnerware and utensils, diapers, wipes, and his fee's to attend full day classes. What a blessing it would be! Any one of those items would be wonderful for Jacob and helpful to dad and I. We're keeping our fingers crossed and our prayers-a-flowing!

November is National Prematurity Month. Please check out for information on ways you can help!

November 15, 2006 We're letting him grow.....his hair that is. Brett and I decided to let Jacob's hair grow out and see what happens. It's been all over the place lately, but we want to see what it will do when it's even longer. Will it be thick and wavy? Perhaps thin and straight? Who knows! 

For the first time...EVER....Brett, Jacob and I are going to get a family portrait! Wow! Our digital camera has been glued to our hands since Jacob's birth so we have never considered getting professional pictures taken. We found that the Wal-Mart portrait studio has very reasonable prices so we plan to schedule a shoot in the next week or two- just in time for the holidays!

Jacob has been taking steps on his own this week. He's done it before (he started months ago) but until this week has been stubborn. If we can just get him to take a few steps on his own each day, he'll be walking all the no time at all. Once he reaches that milestone, we'll begin work on the next- walking with a cane.

Last week Jacob and I attended a VI (Visually Impaired) Group at Rainbows United. It was a wonderful experience. There were several parents there including two with older children who are blind. One who is 10 and the other, 14. I explained Jacob's current developmental stage, like how he still eats mashed foods, doesn't talk, isn't walking on his own, biting his hands, etc. and how Brett and I are growing discouraged over his delays. The other mom's eased our worries by telling us that their boys did the same thing when they were Jacob's age. Sometimes Brett and I wonder if Jacob will ever eat regular food- that is with his hands or a utensil and large pieces. We also wonder when his humming will turn into words. "All in time." the mother's explained. It sounds like he's on the right track. We've always had faith in Jacob, but hearing from other parents who have been there helps so much!

I remember visiting a friend over the summer who's son was just under a year old at the time. While we sat in her dining room talking, she put her son in his high chair, cut up a piece of fruit and set it in front of him. The little guy grabbed each bite with his fingers and munched away. "He's not even a year old," I thought to myself. "Jacob is three and we still have to mash his food and spoon feed him. Amazing." Growing up in the world is a whole different ball game when you can't see it.

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