Monday, April 12, 2004

April 12, 2004

Jacob's eye appointment with Doctor Varenhorst this morning went very well. Both eyes still look the same. In the right eye, the last surgery didn’t help some scar tissue, so Dr. V would like to perform another exam under anesthesia at the hospital. If he thinks further surgery would help, he will do it at that time. We will check Jacob in at the hospital at 7am on April 22nd. Whether or not the exam turns into surgery, he will have to stay overnight as a precaution due to his prematurity. Nothing was discussed regarding the left eye (Brett took Jacob alone this time), but I would imagine Dr. V wants to do what he can with the better eye, the right, then try to help the left.

I have faith that everything will be ok, and that Jacob will come out of this with some vision. I dread having to take him to the hospital again, but I will be a strong Mommy for him!

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