Thursday, July 15, 2004

July 15, 2004

Wow, the feedback I have received for the redesigned site is amazing! I am so happy you all enjoy the new look! I have had a lot of fun putting it all together! Ok, now on to Jacob news! 
Monday afternoon Brett and I took J to see some of his old pals at the NICU. We were there dropping off some insurance papers and thought we'd stop by to see everyone. The Doc and nurse that admitted j when he was born weren't there, but we were able to see many other people who helped in his care. It was so nice, yet scary to be back there. 

On Tuesday, I took J to see his Pediatrician for a regular check-up. His weight is great, his tone and strength are great and the Doc still comments on how great his head shape is (for being a preemie). While we were there, Doc looked at a rash on J's leg that started late last week. (We called the office when we first saw it and were told to put Tinactin on it). Well, she confirmed that it was ringworm and advised that I continue the Tinactin (and to let her know if it became worse). At the time, I didn't think it was any big deal. It's just a rash, right? Wrong! Today one of J's Therapists came over and as soon as I told her about the ringworm, she said she couldn't work with him. I thought to myself, "why?" Because it's contagious- highly contagious! Uhm, had I known this I would not have taken J to visit the NICU and I would not have had any therapists come over! I guess the Pediatrician forgot to mention that little tidbit to me. 

So, yesterday I called the NICU to let them know, as well as my family, whom we spent Sunday evening with. I pray I haven't spread this evil rash to a bunch of other people, especially the kids! 

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