Tuesday, July 6, 2004

July 6, 2004

I have good news to share today! Jacob went to his Pediatric Ophthalmologist this morning and things went very well. While looking at J's right eye, the Doctor saw what he described as a "streak," which is a reflection off the retina. That means part of the retina is definitely attached! A very good sign! =) Still no change with the left eye. When J visits Dr. V. (The retinal Doc who has been seeing J since soon after birth for his retinal disorder) we should have even more insight on the progress of the right retina. 

J had a great time celebrating his first 4th of July! He laid on a blanket in the grass and was hugged and kissed by many! Once it started getting dark, I took him inside though because of all the bugs! And he did very well with all the noise of fireworks outside! Oh and how could I forget? J turned 10 months old on the 4th! How exciting! I'm so proud of him!

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