Saturday, November 13, 2004

November 13, 2004

Another busy week has passed! On Tuesday, J started showing signs of a cold. His nose was runny and he was coughing. He saw his pediatrician Wed though, for a normal check up, so the timing was good so to speak. The Doc listened to his lungs and they were clear. She advised Brett, who took him to the appt., to give him children's Tylenol cold. Also, during his visit, J had to get five shots! Poor thing had five little Band-Aids on his legs. One of the shots was the flu vaccine, which caused him to run a low-grade fever and not sleep very well Wed night. He is feeling much better now!

Brett and I are scheduled to have the final walk-through and closing next Wednesday (the 17th) on the house. As you can imagine, we are both very excited. We are also hopeful that the weather will not be too bad on moving day, the 20th. The cold we can handle, but if it rains or snows, we will have problems! 

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers about Jacob and our new home. We are grateful. 

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