Monday, November 29, 2004

November 29, 2004

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! Other than a few minor problems, our move went well and we are slowly getting everything unpacked! Our home is starting to look like a home! We are very happy and thankful! We were supposed to have home phone and internet service on Monday the 22nd, but a problem with one of the main telephone lines caused a delay. Our cell phone bill won't be pretty this month!

Jacob is doing great! He has a cold/ ear infection right now, but with antibiotics and some antihistamines, he will be better in no time! He seems to like the new house, especially the big kitchen were he plays in his walker! His sleeping patterns are a little whacky right now, but we know he will get back to his normal schedule when he starts feeling better. 

You may have noticed that the guestbook is no longer on the website. I have removed it because I was having some trouble with it. If I can fix the problem, it will be back up soon. If not, there's always email right? =)

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