Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 17, 2004

As noted on the Home Page, Jacob went to a VI (Visually Impaired) playgroup at Rainbows United Tuesday evening. He did great considering he had not napped all day. He played with some neat toys, felt feathers and interacted with another child. By the time we left, he was asleep! 

Yesterday Brett noticed J has top teeth coming in! Well, they are just below the gum, but are visible. Right now, he has two in on the bottom. One is all the way in; the other is just coming through the gum! What a cute grin he will have soon! (Not that is isn't cute now!)

In Family is a very exciting day! Brett and I will be closing on the house! The final walk-through will be in the morning and then closing this afternoon. Also today, J has a therapy visit, and I have Class. It is going to be a busy, but fun day! 

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