Friday, November 5, 2004

November 5, 2004

Jacob went to see Dr. V. today. His left retina is still retracting although only a small portion has begun reattaching. Dr. V wants to keep watching it and maybe in a few months he will perform another surgery. We don't expect the left eye to do as well as the right, but we still have hope! 
J visited with Dr. Johnson, his ophthalmologist, on Monday. He has decided to increase the power of his contact lens. A new one was ordered and should be in within a week or so. So far, J has reacted well to his contact. Dr. Johnson agrees that there is a noticeable difference to his reaction to his surroundings. That's definitely a good sign!

Also, this week, Jacob worked with his physical therapist. She is very pleased with his progress and thinks he's on the right track to crawling. She gave us some exercises to try with him too. We hope he is crawling by Christmas! Wouldn't that be exciting!?

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