Monday, December 13, 2004

December 13, 2004

In family news... After a lot of thought, Brett and I have decided it would be to our benefit if I quit my part time job and focused on home life and school. With Brett working nights, me during the day and going to school, the rough schedule has been taking its toll for some time. Irregular sleep patterns, never seeing each other, etc. We hope that me being at home will bring a nice balance to our daily lives. And since I will be at home, I have decided to increase my school load next semester. Wish me luck!

Now, in J news... Other than having the sniffles from his flu shot on Friday, J is doing great. We took his contact out for a couple days last week because his eye was looking a little red and irritated. I think the break did him good because since putting the contact back in, his eye has looked fine. Also, last week, J went to see Dr. V., who said his left eye has continued to improve. Dr. V. will perform an exam under anesthesia in January to get a better look and decided whether surgery will be needed. Later, we will take J back to Dr. J., the ophthalmologist, to see about a contact lens for his left eye. Isn't it amazing that J is now 15 months old, 11 months adjusted? He has come so far in that time! Wow.

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