Friday, December 17, 2004

December 17, 2004

Poor little J isn't feeling too well today. What Brett and I thought was a reaction to his flu shot, actually turned into a viral infection. When J received his first flu shot a month ago, he had the sniffles a few days later. This time it was a bit more than that. His breathing became rapid and his cough horse, so at 3am this morning I took him to the ER to be checked out. While there, J received a breathing treatment and chest x-ray. The breathing treatment opened up his lungs, and the x-ray was clear. After about two hours, I was told I could take him home, but to keep a close eye on his breathing. If anything got worse, to bring him back in. We made it home a little before 6am and by then he was resting comfortably. At 9am though, Brett woke me because J's fever had gone up. We used a cold cloth on his neck, which he didn't like at all, and that helped bring it down. As I write this at almost 3pm, he is sleeping in his room. 

We figured out J most likely got his cold from my sister Meagan, who also had a fever and cough this week. I also started feeling achy last night and have a stuffy nose today! Tis' the season! We hope everyone is well by Wednesday, the day we plan to leave for Texas. 

I will have more updates on the sick ones soon. I hope you are all feeling healthy! =)

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