Sunday, November 2, 2003

November 2, 2003

What a wonderful week Jacob has had! This morning Jacob came off CPAP (supplies constant air pressure) and placed on a regular nasal cannula (the little oxygen thingy that goes in your nose). He is breathing on his own and receiving oxygen, though only a minimal amount, through the cannula. His weight is up to 3lbs and he is tolerating feedings so far! Five more ounces and he can wear clothes!! The next big challenge in Jacob's progress will be feedings. The goal, obviously, is to get him onto the breast and bottle. Dr. Roan expects that to take some time. Maybe a couple of weeks. The problem with poking him for IVs should be gone soon. In a few days, he will no longer need IV nutrition, getting rid of one IV. The second will have to stay for medications, etc. Our little man has come a long way. Hard to believe he will be two months old on Tuesday.

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