Thursday, November 20, 2003

November 20, 2003

Jacob the Fighter has had a good couple of days. Wednesday Jacob had an EEG (measures brain activity) done as a follow up to the seizure activity he had a while back. As of this morning, results of that are still pending. Dr. Shah, the neurologist, has ordered a Phenobarbital level check, which is the seizure med he takes; to make sure it's at the right level. Once he looks at the EEG report, I should know more. The renal (kidney) sonogram done on Monday showed improvement of the inflammation seen back in Oct, but he will have another test done once he is off CPAP. I can't remember the medical term, but the test involves inserting dye. Jacob gradually started on bolus feedings. Instead of a continues flow of milk to his belly, he will get 40ccs over two hours, then a one hour break and so on. They will gradually shorten the feeding time and get down to a large amount over 30 min every three hours. Once he is off the CPAP, he will begin bottle and breast-feeding, which I've been told will be tough. He's been through much worse, feedings will go just fine!!

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