Wednesday, November 26, 2003

November 26, 2003

You may have received an email about Jacob needing laser surgery for ROP. The surgery was at 8am this morning and Jacob did great. He did well on only a small amount of oxygen and only had one minor apnea spell. Brett and I were there until he settled back in bed. The doctor who performed the surgery, Dr. Varenhorst, said he will do a post-surgery exam in one week to see how things look. Depending on how that goes will determine future exams. Last night I attempted to breastfeed the Fighter, but he didn't seem interested. Well, for one thing, he was snoozing! After a few minutes, I gave him a bottle and he woke up to take that. He took 19 out of 43 ccs from the bottle then the rest was given through the ng tube. He had a pretty good weight gain and is now 4lbs 5.5oz. Fat cow!!!

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