Sunday, November 30, 2003

November 30, 2003

What a busy weekend it's been! And a great one for Jacob! Little J was moved to an open crib on Thanksgiving Day! Oh how thankful I am!! Looking at Jacob now, you would never know he had eye surgery just days ago. Dr. Varenhorst, the Dr. that performed his surgery, next week, will examine him again. During that visit, Dr. Varenhorst should be able to see how well the surgery helped the ROP. Rumor has it Jacob might be graduating to the Special Care Nursery soon, maybe within days!! The SCN is much smaller and much less invasive than the NICU. As one nurse put it, babies go there to eat and grow. The biggest thing Jacob needs to conquer right now is feedings. (I go in once a day to breast and bottle-feed. The rest of the time, they continue the ng tube feedings on a schedule-- every three hours. They will gradually move him to more than one breast/bottle feed a day as he gets the hang of it). With that being the main thing to get used to, Jacob really doesn't need to be in the NICU any longer. And from the SCN is Mother/Baby, then home!!!! It could be just a few more weeks! Oh and how could I forget Jacob's weight is now up to a whopping 4lbs 8ozs!! 

Don't forget to thank God for each day, each miracle each blessing, He's amazing!!!

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