Tuesday, November 25, 2003

November 25, 2003

Praise God for our little Fighter! He's been off CPAP almost 72 hours with only three apnea spells! I think he will stay off this time, though I won't get my hopes up just yet! I tried breastfeeding again last night. He latched on a few times but not consistently enough to get anything so after 15 minutes we gave him a bottle. Surprisingly he did well with that. He had trouble with the suck-breath-swallow concept, but he will get used to it in time. He took about a half ounce on his own then the rest was given through the ng tube. Tonight I will try again. The little fat boy gained another ounce, putting him at 4lbs 4oz. Today Jacob is going to have a test done to check his bladder and kidney functions. I don't recall the medical term for the procedure, but they will insert dye through a catheter - ouch - and make sure things are in working order. We should know the results within a day or so. Other than that, Jacob is have a great morning! A nurse told me he's been smiling! Must be a happy boy!

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