Wednesday, November 5, 2003

November 5, 2003

This morning Jacob is doing well. Unfortunately, he had to be put back on the CPAP because is oxygen needs were on the increase Monday evening. That's only a minor set back though. He may be ready for the nasal cannula again by Friday. Brett and I are able to hold him more than once a day now, which is wonderful. He tolerates being held pretty well. No longer on IV fluids, Jacob is getting all of his nutrition from breast milk that is being given through a tube in his nose, down to his tummy. It's a constant flow, so his tummy is always full! Dr. Roan said that once Jacob is back to the nasal cannula, we would try to get him started on breast and bottle-feeding. At this point, it still looks like his due date will be is homecoming. If we're lucky, maybe a little sooner.

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