Saturday, November 22, 2003

November 22, 2003

Today's the day!! Jacob came off CPAP. Hopefully this time he is strong enough to stay off. He came off at 10am this morning and is so far doing great. He only gained 10 grams yesterday but that's better then losing. He is now on what they call bolus feedings. That's when he receives milk over two hours, then off one hour. Before, it was a continuous flow...tummy always full. Eventually they will work him down to one amount over 30 minutes every three hours. Now that he's off CPAP, he will work up to taking the bottle and breast. Aunt Meagan and I are going to paint Jacob's room today -- in white just to freshen it up. I ordered his crib bedding and valance! I'll set those up as soon as they arrive! It's so exciting to be doing all of this!!

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