Friday, November 7, 2003

November 7, 2003

Our little fighter.....wait, our BIG fighter is now on the nasal cannula! No more tape around his head! He will stay on the cannula unless he shows intolerance. If he does well, the next step will be going off oxygen completely! Jacob needs to gain just two more ounces and he will be able to wear clothes! We haven't even checked to see if we have anything that will fit him! The hospital has preemie clothes if we don't. Once Jacob has been on the cannula for a few days, Dr. Roan will start Jacob on timed feedings. Right now, he has the tube in his nose going to his tummy with a continuous flow of milk. When they begin timed feeds, he will still have the tube but receive his milk in a large amount over a shorter time. For example, he will get 10ccs of milk over thirty minutes every two to three hours. That will get Jacob on a schedule. Then a little later, maybe a day or two, he will try taking the bottle and breast. Dr. Roan said this would be a challenge, but nothing worse than what he's already overcome! =)

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