Wednesday, December 10, 2003

December 10, 2003

Boy this flu epidemic isn't a joke, Wesley's NICU isn't allowing any visitors other than healthy parents until further notice. With so much going around, those have to be very cautious. It's a good thing my Mom was able to visit on Monday!

Little man is doing well this morning. Just hanging out, still stuffy from his cold but it seems to be getting better. His morning nurse hasn't heard him cough yet so that may be getting better as well. Yesterday he had an eye exam and the Dr saw no change from last week, which is a good thing. Though they don't look better, they don't look any worse either. He will continue to have his eyes checked once a week for the next few weeks. Bottle-feeding is still a struggle for the little bugger. I am hoping the cold he has is what's causing the problem and once it's gone; he will start feeding more consistently. I tried to bottle him yesterday evening and he didn't seem interested at all. Sick or not, sometimes it takes micro-preemie's like Jacob a while to get the hang of bottling.

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