Tuesday, December 30, 2003

December 30, 2003

12:30pm - During my visit last night, I was able to speak with Dr. Roan about Jacob. His main concern right now is his eye condition. Duh! I expressed my concern with him about the exam and that I would be very upset if it wasn't going to happened today. He understood my concern but doesn't have control of their schedule. I can totally understand that, I just don't want them waiting too long and letting his eye possibly get worse. When I got to work this morning, I called Dr. Varenhorst's office to find out whether or not they were going to see him today. (Yes, I have become very impatient when it comes to my boy!) The receptionist took my name and number and said she would have someone call me. Well, here it is almost 4 hours later and nobody has called me. Come to find out, Dr. Dorn, the Neonatologist on-call today, called Dr. Varenhorst's office also and found out they won't be in to check him until tomorrow. I'm ok with that; at least they aren't pushing it further. 

Another change is being made with Jacob's feedings. At 11am they decided to pull the ng tube (actually, Jacob took care of that on his own....little bugger) and start on-demand feedings. Over the next 12 hours Jacob can eat as much and as often as he wants as long as he takes in at least 180 ccs (about 6 ounces) and allowing no more than 4 hours between each feeding. So, it's up to the fighter to start showing his stuff. He needs to wake up, cry, squirm, and say, "Feed me!" Ok, so we all know he won't say that, but you get the idea.

4:30pm - Alrighty then...change of plans. They will be checking Jacob's eyes today. Right as I type this in fact. Soon after I spoke with Jacob's nurse earlier, the eye Dr's office called to say they'd make it in and to start dilating the baby's eyes. Great. I didn't find this out until 30 minutes ago. Oh well, no matter when I found out, at least I found out. I will add an update this evening when I get the results. I don't know if the eye doc will call me or if I will wait and hear when I get up there after work. Please say another prayer for the Fighter.

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