Monday, December 15, 2003

December 15, 2003

After a restless night, Jacob is having a good morning. Yesterday evening I had been holding Jacob for a while and as I put him back to bed, he began to cry. He was squirming and seemed very restless. That or he knows when Mommy is leaving. =) I thought for a moment maybe he was having trouble in the pooping department, but the nurse said he had a nice diaper for her soon after I left. A few hours later, he was taken off oxygen but only lasted a few minutes before de-sating. So, he's back on but at a minimal setting. And of course, while I was with him last night Dr. Roan came by to see if I had any questions (I didn't). Then he told me that the only thing keeping Jacob in the hospital is his feedings! I leaned into Jacob and told him, "Did you hear that? You just need to get this bottling thing down and you can come home." Then, POW - he took 42 out of 55 ccs from the bottle! Little man wants to come home! As of this update, they are only bottling him twice a day. Once in the morning by Brett; and in the evening with me. When Brett and I don't make it in, a nurse does it. The Haberman nipple is what they are using to feed him. It's longer than a normal nipple and has a flow valve. Jacob has taken to it pretty well. The speech therapist, Nancy recommended it. Oh yes, and I can't forget his weight, a whopping 5lbs 14.5 oz!! Yay!!

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