Monday, December 29, 2003

December 29, 2003

8:40am - Oh boy, I just love Monday morning! Ok, not really! Anyway, Jacob's MRI came back normal. The report never printed out so I had to look at his daily progress notes to find out the results. Another hurtle overcome. Now we wait patiently and anxiously for tomorrow’s eye exam. Since the stage his left eye is at, 4a, is partial detachment of the retina, I doubt things look better. I could be wrong though. This may sound terrible, but if in the end he ends up with one good eye (with central vision) things will be ok. He can fully function even if he loses sight in one eye. I hate to think about the possibility, but I have to make light of a difficult situation. 

He didn't gain any weight yesterday, but he didn't lose either. He is bottling well only being tube fed when he's very sleepy. Today Dr. Roan is returning from a long holiday weekend, so I hope to get a better idea of homecoming when I talk with him. I'm sure the results of tomorrow's eye exam will play a roll in that decision too.

2:50pm - I spoke with Jacob's morning nurse a few hours ago. He has bottled well since midnight, only feeding once through the NG tube at 2am. I haven't talked to anyone about his 2pm feeding though. During rounds this morning, Dr. Knight, a pediatric surgeon, was consulted about a possible hernia in Jacob's scrotum. He also looked at his very "outie" belly button. Though no official report was given, the nurse said he didn't seem too concerned. I will learn more when I visit this evening. 

I called Dr. Varenhorst's office today and spoke with someone (A nurse or receptionist, I'm not sure which) regarding Jacob's upcoming exam. I found out that Dr. Varenhorst is out of the office until next week. When I heard that I thought,”Uhm, excuse me?" Before I spoke up, she said one of Dr. Varenhorst's partners would take care of exams while he's out. Yeah, they better!! Or else!!

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