Friday, December 26, 2003

December 26, 2003

12:00am - We had a very Merry Christmas!! On Tuesday Brett went to Dodge City, Kansas (about 2 1/2 hrs W of Wichita) to visit his parents and came back Wednesday with many wonderful gifts for us and for Jacob! Bill and Reatha were very generous this Christmas!

Yesterday, after taking some gifts to my family, I went to the hospital to spend the evening with Jacob. (Brett stayed home to sleep because he worked the night before). I brought with me his "First Christmas" outfit to put on him for pictures. Well, he could have worn it longer had his Mommy not left him open to the air so long during a diaper change. Oops! The pictures turned out good though, with the help of Nurse Pat. Check them out in the Yahoo album at: 

I bottle fed the Fighter at 5pm and 8pm yesterday and he took the whole thing both times in under 30 minutes! Good boy! I am very proud of him. A few pre-discharge orders were written early yesterday. A second hearing test, an MRI (for the history of seizures) and a car seat check. At this point, his discharge date will depend on how his eye exam goes next week. His bottling is getting better but not good enough to go home yet, so a few extra days won't hurt. He took 6 out of 8 bottles yesterday so he's getting there. And going by his original (estimated) due date, he is two days old today! That means the Fighter was 111 days early! Wow, he has come a long way!

12:40pm - Jacob went for his MRI early this morning. He did very well and we should know the results later today or tomorrow. He bottled well overnight and at 11am this morning. They didn't bottle him at 8am because of the MRI. I am going in today at 2pm to bottle him and probably again this evening. He's really picking up on it. I am very, very proud of him!

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