Friday, December 5, 2003

December 5, 2003

I feel like I haven't seen my boy in weeks when in fact it's only been 4 days. And I'm going to make it 5 because I still have cold symptoms and don't want to risk getting him or anyone else sick. He's doing very well this morning. I asked the nurse about his weigh and according to the chart, he gained over 100 grams yesterday. That's a huge weight gain for one day so his morning nurse told me wait and see what his weight is tomorrow. Normally when there's such a large gain, they weigh the baby more than once to get an average. That wasn't the case for Jacob so we will see what it is tomorrow. I'd say he's at lease at the 5lb mark! All the cultures they have taken so far have come back negative. Yay! So maybe the little guy just got a touch of Mom's cold!

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