Wednesday, December 3, 2003

December 3, 2003

Though still in isolation, Jacob is doing well this morning. Talking with his nurse I found out he hasn't had any more spells since yesterday morning and has otherwise been fine. The culture they took yesterday didn't show any growth after 12 hours, which is great but they will continue to check it every 12 hours growth. Other than having his nose suctioned a couple times since yesterday and a few little coughs, Jacob isn't showing any signs of infection. If he is getting a cold or something similar, it most likely came from me as I am home today with a bad cold. He’s fighter though and I know he will kick this too! Oh yes, and our Fat Cow is now just under 4lbs 14oz! Getting close the 5-pound mark!

The shower my co-workers and friends threw me yesterday was a lot of fun. I received many wonderful gifts and had fun playing the "guess the baby food" game. I'll have pictures from the shower up soon!

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