Monday, December 22, 2003

December 22, 2003 -

9:50am - Oh boy, our little Fat Cow is picking up on bottling fast! It will be no time at all before he comes home! He's already had three bottles today. One at 2am another at 5am and the latest at 8am! Each time he took the entire bottle - in 12 minutes at 5am! Wow! In my last entry, I motioned some notes written on Jacob's chart regarding his latest eye exam. The words were "Nasal Regression." I thought that meant a step back, when in fact it means a step forward. When it says regression, it means a regression of the problem, not of his eye condition. The ROP has gotten better in one eye and there is still no change in the other. Of course, I don't remember which is which. He will continue checking him once a week. So, good news all around with our little Fighter!

Tomorrow night I will be taking an infant CPR class. The class is required before they will release Jacob from the hospital. Brett and I signed up to take the class next Tues (the 30th) but since he's so close to coming home we moved it up to this week. Brett will be going to his parents house in Dodge City that night, so I will be taking the class alone to be prepared if he's ready to come home in the next few days. He will go to Mother-Baby for a day or two before that, but we would rather be ready instead of putting homecoming off to take the class. I am so overjoyed and excited! Shoot, I had better get his room finished! Yikes!

7:30pm - Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.......He is SOOO close!!! I talked with Dr. Roan when I was in this afternoon and he thinks Jacob will be ready to come home within the next week!!!!! He will probably come home with oxygen to use during feedings, as well a monitor to use for a few months. He has taken all but one of his bottles so far today. That's 2am, 5am, 8am, 2pm and 5pm. They gave him a break at 11am and at 8pm tonight, they will try if he seems awake enough. It could be just a few more days until he's ready for Mother Baby! I am taking an infant CPR class tomorrow night!! He took a picture with Santa today! It came out so nice! Unfortunately, Santa came and went before I got to the hospital so I didn't get any on my camera...just the Polaroid the hospital took. I will try to get it scanned and online soon!

Brett and I went to Wal-Mart this evening and bought a few more things for Jacob and some last minute Christmas gifts. We bought a dresser for Jacob, bottle cleaner, a big fat pack of wipes, a car window visor and...Uhm...I think that was it. Oh, wait a KU hat! Yay!

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